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The Thing about Wheat

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Wheat is mystifying. It makes tons of people sick and the symptoms could all be different in each individual. My friend Ralph cured his vertigo by getting off wheat. I reversed my uncontrollable weight loss by getting off wheat. Some of my family members helped their gut problems by getting off wheat. Other people solve their energy issues or thyroid issues or autoimmune issues, joint pain or depression/anxiety issues simply by getting off wheat. Dr Tom O'Bryan describes autoimmune this way:

Auto Immune is a three legged stool, toxins come from what we eat, what we breath and the gut microbiome. In the "what we eat category", wheat is toxic to all humans. The gluten damages the gut lining, then it heals, then it gets damaged again, then it heals and on and on until eventually the damage exceeds the healing capacity which could take years and finally gaps open up in the intestinal wall allowing toxic substances into the blood stream. And depending on your genetics, those toxic substances effect different parts of your body. If these toxins end up in your thyroid, Antibodies to your thyroid increase and your immune system starts attacking your own tissue to get rid of those toxins.

But is this all just about gluten? I think not. Now they spray our wheat crops with an herbicide with Glyphosate, simply to ripen it quicker. And science knows that there are tons of problems with this chemical on the human body, not to mention a carcinogen. In fact, recently, Monsanto lost a lawsuit dealing with their Glyphosate and cancer, which opens the door to tons of other lawsuits. Please check out this video from Dr Stephanie Seneff on glyphosate, it is a real eye opener (

There is more. Our wheat is hybridized, meaning that it is cross-bred with tons of other wheat varieties hundreds of times until the seed producer gets the characteristics they want. So the heirloom wheat variety in this country is gone for all normal wheat consumption. We are eating franken-wheat. But is that all? Maybe not. Maybe it is also the post processing of the wheat that is hurting as well, adding bromine to bread for example. Bromine falls in the same category of elements as does iodine. So if we are iodine deficient (most of us are), then your thyroid is going to replace its iodine needs with bromine (or florine or chlorine), not a good thing, bringing down the function of your thyroid. Your thyroid hormones T3 and T4 are iodine based, T3 being tri-iodo and T4 being Tetra-iodo. So, you must get a good supply of iodine in your diet. If you do not eat a lot of seaweed, you may need to take iodine supplements. Iodine also is critical to many other functions in your body. Some natural doctors claim iodine deficiency is the main reason for breast cancer. I supplement with liquid iodine, 4 drops a day for 5 days a week.

It is quite possible that the lectins in wheat are bothering you as well. Lectins bother many people, especially if the gut wall has already been compromised. Lectins exist in many foods and some people have to get off lectins completely in order for their guts to heal, then slowly bring them back to a tolerable level.

All these things together or individually could be contributing to the unbelievable destruction we are seeing on the human body from wheat. My friend from India says her family has been eating wheat for years with no issues. Her dad died a lifelong vegetarian at 105 years old. She makes a simple wheat tortilla out of pure whole wheat flour and water. That is it. It is deep, rich and whole nutty tasting. Completely different from any wheat I have had before. She says it is imported from India. I suspect it is an heirloom variety, untainted by chemicals or hybridization. It is time we went back to the basics in food production in this country. About the only way to get pure whole food is to grow it yourself. The next step up is to buy local organic food at your local out-door markets and prepare it yourself. That is what we do whenever it is available.

If you get off wheat, it is important to supplement with Pre Biotics, fiber like inulin and resistant starches, that feed your good bacteria. This will keep your good bacteria happy and rooted in your gut mucus lining, building a solid barrier of a nice think mucus and adding short chain fatty acids to your system, helping with weight loss and blood pressure and lowering inflammation.

Please share your wheat story below by adding to the blog. Join the club!!

Amber waves of grain or hybridized suffering?

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