We need our immune system to protect us against bad germs and bad cells, like cancer. In times of a pandemic, a good functioning immune system can save our lives with an appropriate immune response to the invading species. We have seen this over and over again with most having little or no problem with COVID. But those who are immune compromised, having a difficult and sometimes deadly outcome. There are many causes of a weak immune system, including aging, and this posting is about one of them, PFAS chemicals. This well written article was published in Organic Consumers Organization on 4 April 24. I am just passing it on for your education and knowledge and awareness of the need to constantly detox and purge your system of thousands of un-natural chemicals in our environment. I detox through the four exhaust pathways: hydrating, deep breathing, sweating, good daily bowel movements. Also, I detox my liver once a month through coffee enemas and once a year through a liver/gall bladder flush. Contact me if you need help with any of these. There are also many ways to boost your immune system along the journey of your life, while lowering inflammation. You will need to read my book to get up to speed on that. The subject is too large to address here. Go to Amazon, put in my name, Bob Arbetter, and get "Breaking Free", my latest book on health and nutrition.

Here for your enjoyment is the article in its entirety. I omitted the actual references because no one ever checks them out anyways.

"Stain-resistant carpets and nonstick pots were once the epitome of “better living through chemistry,” their space-age properties conferred by molecules known as perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). But in the early 2000s, researchers began to discover that PFAS were somehow reaching the farthest corners of the planet—from polar bears in Alaska (1) to pilot whales in the Faroe Islands of the North Atlantic (2). These molecules contain chains of carbon peppered with fluorine atoms, which together form one of the strongest known chemical bonds. That helps these chemicals excel at repelling grease and water but also makes them astonishingly resistant to degradation in the environment (3).

Amid a flurry of new studies, scientists are still figuring out what risks these ubiquitous “forever chemicals” pose to public health (see “PFAS Politics”). Epidemiologists and toxicologists point to myriad possible consequences, including thyroid disease, liver damage, and kidney and testicular cancers (4). Impacts on the immune system are a particular concern.