Longevity Breakthroughs You Can Do Now

Updated: Jan 9

Longevity Breakthroughs You Can Do Now. More breakthroughs are on the way!!

Hi everyone, and happy new year!! It is snowing here now in Northern Virginia, this day of 3 January 2022. This blog is very important in many ways, to help you defeat virus by increasing your immune system and to help increase how long you live (lifespan). But also, it is to help you simply live healthier, pain free lives without drugs. The blog is long, but believe me, I have eliminated tons of material to bring you vital information.

If you have read my book (available on Amazon:( , “Breaking Free” , you will know I talk about 4 levels of health. The 4th level has to do with the current state of anti-aging science. I also include tests and results I am achieving by doing some of these protocols myself. You will have to read my book to see those exact protocols, tests and results because it is too much to repeat here. So, I want to outline the landscape of what you can do now to not only improve your healthspan but also your lifespan. As always, you can keep up with my blogs at For this blog, I am conflicted. I want to get you the information but I don’t want to explain all the biochemistry. That would be another book, and blogs are supposed to be short, so what to do? I am faced with asking you to just accept that you may not know what all these below pathways and compounds/body chemicals are, but that you can take away the overall message. That message is, we are at a turning point on the science of life extension. There are things you can do to increase your lifespan (and as a side effect, increase your healthspan), based on the latest science. And some of those things are outlined here. There are many more but I had to keep this article at a half way decent length.

Is increasing human lifespan just theoretical? Is there proof we can do this? Well, sort of. We know that lifestyle choices can reduce disease and increase lifespan. But that is not just what I am talking about. I am talking about living with great health beyond 110 and maybe beyond 120. We have proof in animal models because they have short life spans and we can quickly see the results of different protocols, extending their lives way beyond their normal lifespans, sometimes two and three times longer!. Dr Sinclair at Harvard has even managed to restore sight to blind mice by some of his age-reversing treatments. But in humans, all we can do is measure age biomarkers right now as evidence that we can halt or reverse biological age. And there are a lot of advancements these days in the ability to measure age biomarkers like Telomere Length and Epigenetic Patterns (see my book for detailed descriptions of these age markers). Real quickly, a telomere is the end cap on our DNA, keeping our DNA healthy. Epigenetic markers are tags attached to our DNA, regulating whether the DNA is turned on or turned off. So, with these and many other biomarkers (see the company “InsideTracker” for more biomarkers we can mea