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What do Physics and Meditation have in common?

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Dr Dan Siegel talks about something called Interpersonal Neurobiology and has helped a lot people to better health. He has this view that if we connect to our quantum state of being, we can accelerate healing and age slower. I think he has something there. Let me explain.

In physics, there are two realities; the macro world and the sub atomic world (really small!). The macro world can be described very well by Newtonion physics, allowing us to understand planet orbits, gravity and much of our human experience on a day to day basis. But there is another world, a very wierd and strange one, that is also part of our existence but goes on below our ability to percieve it, that is the micro world, that is best described by quantum physics. Think of quantum as everything being an accumulation of very small packages or "quanta".

In our Newtonian world, we see things as separate and distinct; planets, galaxies, atoms, trees, objects and ourselves. For many of us, this can be a very lonely feeling and it has been shown over and over again, that lonliness and feelings of isolation are not good for the human experience, due to the stress it causes and subsequent damage to our bodies. Plus, it pits us against one another in competition and gives us a constant unrelenting sense of needing to hoard to satisfy our need for security and personal safety (Do I have enough of this or that to ensure my desired standard of living). Feelings of love, community, belonging, friends all help us to feel connected to the world and universe, part of something larger than we are, and bring on sense of well being, peace and relaxation.

In the quantum world, life is not discrete, well defined and isolated. Everything is connected. In fact, an atom in a star on one of our galaxy can communicate with and influence an atom on the other side of our galaxy instantly in the sub atomic world. This is real and we have the math and science to back it up. In the quantum world, everything is connected and life is all about probabilities, not hard facts.

So given we have two states of reality and live our daily lives in the separate Newtonian state, causing untold grief and damage to our health, wouldn't it be nice to be able to, from time to time, drop into a different world, the quantum world, and experience that other part of our being, the connected part, bringing feelings of love and peace, allowing us to relax and enter the healing phase of our biology? I have blogged about this at length, but let me cover it again quickly.

Our bodies are not capable of being in a constant state of stress (called Sympathetic). Flight or fight is meant as a temporary condition. If extended over long periods, it can break down many critical body functions and never give us time to repair and rebuild. We must find ways to relax and enter the Parasympathetic mode, so we can rest, repair and digest our food, providing us vital building blocks to rebuild damaged tissue and DNA.

So, getting back to connectedness, if we can frequently drop into a quantum state, feel that connectedness with everything in our universe, it should (and does) relax us and move us into a healing state.

I have tried this many times and automatically breathe a sigh of relaxation every time I do it. It works!! It helps me relax, release tension and move into a stress free phase.

Meditation is great for you. Once you get used to it and know the feeling of that quantum state, it only takes seconds to go there. Then you can take time outs at work or anywhere to simply exist in this sea of inter connectedness for a few minutes in your daily routine.

If you need a guide to help you get the hang of it, you can get Dr Siegel's free three guided instructional audios on his website at:

Check it out and see what you think.

Yours in Health

Dr Bob

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1 Comment

Really terrific Article, Dr. Bob! Great explanation of Newtonian physics (that governs molecular biology) and Quantum Mechanics where an electron can be in two places at the same time, and the basis for energy medicine. Thanks so much!

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